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Welcome to Cocoa Beach, Kelly Slater Hometown

Welcome to Cocoa Beach, Fl
Just six miles long, and mostly less than one mile wide, Cocoa Beach is truly a unique place! Where else can you choose between watching a space launch from the beach or precious animal species in their natural habitat? You can choose between a swim in the ocean, or a quiet kayak exploration off the Banana River islands, from our river shore? Play a round of golf at our 27-holes golf course, surf cast from the beach for dinner, or just enjoy a day at the beach where you will likely see dolphins at play or be lucky enough to see an occasional whale in migration. Widely known as the surfing capital of the East Coast, Cocoa Beach is the hometown of surfing champions.

The primary attraction to Cocoa Beach is the weather. With its coastal location and positioned where two climatic zones (sub-tropic and temperate) meet, our weather usually avoids extremes. This unique location attracts wildlife indigenous to both climatic zones, as well as coastal and migratory species. And, of course, our weather, beaches and local amenities attract human visitors as well!

Every community in the country has unique characteristics all its own and Cocoa Beach is no exception. Cocoa Beach - a unique place, with great diversity, colorful local characters and a pulse all its own. Cocoa Beach is many things to many people. It is a vacation destination for some, the "let's go to the beach" destination for mainlanders, a "night on the town" locale for others, the "surfing capital of the East Coast" for surfers and, of course, it is home to many thousands of people from all walks of life. The common denominator for Cocoa Beach is the beach lifestyle - relaxed, laid back and, at the same time, full of life



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